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When businesses look into ways to reduce their office expenses, one of the more tempting options lies in leasing a preowned copier. With office equipment prices frequently ranging into the thousands of dollars, a preowned photocopier is a temptation for small businesses and large alike. Likewise, certified preowned copiers often work just as well as their new counterparts. With all of these advantages, what’s not to love about leasing a preowned copier?
The Benefits of Leasing a Certified Preowned Canon Copier
1. You have a lower up-front cost. $250 down payment covers first month lease and maintenance. Setup and Installation extra.
2. It’s more environmentally friendly. Leasing a Certified Preowned Canon Copier could help your carbon footprint by keeping the device out of a landfill. 
3. It’s proven to work. Leasing a Certified Preowned Canon Copier from us comes with a guarantee that the device works because we also furnish a maintenance program that is included.

Lease on Canon Re-Certified Preowned from Quality Printer Care
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